Episode 42: Exploding Guns & “The Februaries”with Frank Schultz

In this episode, “Dr” Frank Schultz and I catch up on the winter’s activities, and a scary incident he had recently with an exploding handgun. He catches us up on his trapping (since i’m not doing any this winter), and I have a little bit of the rant…starting to get cabin fever maybe. If you have comments or questions, email podcast@tundratalkak.com. thanks, and enjoy!


Episode 41: Donald Lee

Don is one of several folks I’ve intended to have on the podcast for quite some time. We hit on a few topics including moose hunting, sheep hunting, and trapping, but consider this an introductory episode to a guy who is a wealth of knowledge and experience. Yet another one of those guys who you don’t know where to even start with. Enjoy!

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Episode 40: SHOT Show Recap

At the end of the mind-numbing SHOT show this year, I sat down with The Rokslide.com crew and we talked about some of the cool and not-so-cool things we saw this year at SHOT. Along with myself, there was Ryan and Tanya Avery, Justin Crossley, and Matt Cashell. Enjoy!

Episode 39: Talking Brown Bears with Luke Randall

In this episode, you’ll get to hear a few stories and tips about brown bears from my good friend Luke Randall. Luke has guided for brown bears for his entire adult life, and I happened to get to sit down with him at SHOT show. There may not be a ton of Alaska-relevant conversation happening here, but this one definitely is. Enjoy!


Episode 38: Year of the Sheep with Steve Hallenbeck

Steve Hallenbeck is no stranger to the podcast, but I hadn’t seen much of him since early august, so it was great to catch up and hear about his hunting season. Steve ended up sheep hunting for nearly the entire season, and a mountain goat hunt on top of that. I hope talking sheep hunting isn’t getting old cause we hit a lot of it, as well as gun safety, and some of the hazards we deal with on a daily basis in the mountains. Enjoy!

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Episode 37: Residency, Lynx Trapping, and about what you’d expect…

Hey Everyone, This episode may not be too polished, but it was a lot of fun. I was joined by Trevor Embry @teeterman, Nick Muche, Frank Schultz, and Matt Herkstroeter @steepndeep_outdoors. We had some great discussion on the whole spectrum of Alaska hunting topics, and these guys are a wealth of experience and knowledge. As implied, our conversation was about what you’d expect from 5 of us Alaskans drinking a little more than moderately and talking about our passions Enjoy!


Episode 36: Sheep Season, Moose Strategy, and Ill-Advised commentary

In this episode, I get to catch up with Brett Evens. It’s been a long time since Brett has been on the podcast, so it was great to hear about his hunting seasons, talk some sheep and moose hunting, as well as get into some festivus grievances about the social media influencer/content creator world Enjoy, and if you have any comments or questions, email podcast@tundratalkak.com



Episode 35: Bowhunting Archery Mechanics with Tom Clum and Andy Kohlhofer

This is a very special episode, where I had the unbelievable opportunity to sit down with two living legends of the traditional bowhunting world, Tom Clum and Andy Kohlhofer. Tom and his family own Rocky Mountain Specialty gear, one of the foremost traditional bow shops in the country, and Andy is the main man behind Selway Archery.  In short, I came to Colorado to get some coaching from Tom. I knew he would be able to help with my shot, but I was blown away. Even at my best, I had been unable to push past several barriers for years, and in one day, he tore them down. In this episode, we hit a lot of stuff, and dive deep into the shot, but also give advice that can help anybody, whether a brand new shooter, or someone stuck in a rut. If you are just a rifle hunter, a lot of this stuff may go over your head, but actually, a lot of the mental control principles in an archery shot are directly applicable to just about any type of shooting. I hope you enjoy this, and if you have any questions, please email podcast@tundratalkak.com 

If you want to check out Tom’s groundbreaking course and start improving your shot NOW, visit www.shootsolid.com 

Episode 34: Uncle Tracy

In this episode, I’m joined by my uncle, Tracy Freel. He’s one of those guys that has been there and done that, and has been a big influence on my passion for hunting since I was a kid. It’s always great to hear his stories and perspectives, and this was no exception. Enjoy!

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Episode 33: Q & A

Hey Folks,

In this episode, I’m joined by Matt Herkstroeter for a special Q and A session. I’ve been getting quite a few awesome questions, so we did our best to try and stay on track and answer some of them. If you have any questions yourself, feel free to email them to podcast@tundratalkak.com


thanks, and enjoy!