Episode 163: Decades of Adventure, with Jerry and Thomas Lees

In this episode, I’m joined by Frank Schultz, as well as Jerry and Thomas Lees. We talk lots of sheep hunting, moose hunting goat hunting, and just a few of Jerry and Thomas’s stories from many years of hunting Alaska.

Check out Thomas’s YouTube channel Backcountry Alaska for some of their awesome videos!

Episode 160: Cartridge Nerds, Dead Gun Writers, and the New Garmin Chronograph

In this episode, I sit down with Outdoor Life shooting editor John B. Snow. We talk about cartridge design and performance, talk about whether the gun writers of old were pushovers, and John breaks down the new Garmin chronograph in detail. Enjoy!

Episode 159: Sheep Management History, with Wayne Heimer

In this episode I’m joined by one of the first dedicated Dall sheep biologists in the state of Alaska, Wayne Heimer. Wayne did a lot of the field research to help establish the full-curl regulation in Alaska, and published a book on the history of sheep management in our state. For more information or to get your own copy, go to wayneheimer.com. Enjoy the episode!