Episode 126: England to Alaska with Shaun Porter

In this episode I’m joined by Frank Schultz, and Shaun Porter, a blue-collar hunter from the UK who started a company global-outdoors.com, to facilitate helping other guys hunt around the world. He’s moving to Alaska to start fresh, so we talk about some of the things he’s done and what he has in store. Enjoy!

Episode 123: Sheep, Bears, and Stuck Boats, with Uncle Jerry

In this episode, I’m joined by my uncle, Jerry Freel. I get to hear several stories from over the years, including a near-death experience or two, hunting moose and caribou, and getting stuck on the river. Enjoy!

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Episode 122: Where No One Wants to Go with Allan Mortenson

In this episode I’m joined by my longtime friend Allan Mortenson. Allan talks about growing up here in Alaska and learning to get it done with what you have, as well as the importance of taking lessons from old-timers. Enjoy!

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