Episode 150: Shooting, Cartridges, and Hunting rifle talk with John B. Snow

In this episode, I sit down to chat with my coworker and Outdoor Life Shooting Editor John B. Snow. John’s an interesting smartass who is very knowledgeable on rifles, shooting, cartridges and ballistics. We talk a bit about how he got where he’s at, why medium-sized cartridges have been popular for more than 100 years, and how hunters and shooters often let emotion take over when it comes to their hunting rifle’s performance. Enjoy!

Episode 149: The 6.5 Grizzly

This episode tells the story of my 2023 grizzly, and is also shared on the Outdoor Life Podcast. I’m telling the story of this hunt to my boss and long-time friend, Editor-in-Chief Alex Robinson. You can read the story of the hunt HERE, and be sure to check out The Outdoor Life Podcast. Enjoy!

Episode 148: Snow Caves and Ski-Doos with Jr Pederson

In this episode I’m joined by Frank Schultz, Temple Dillard, and Jr Pederson. It’s been awhile since Jr has been on the podcast, and we get to hear some stories about bear hunting, moose shooting, getting buried alive in a blizzard, and the story behind running Polaris skis on your Ski-Doo. Enjoy!

Episode 147: Hunter Knezovich

In this episode I’m joined by Hunter and his son Jett Knezovich. Hunter had hunted elk and mule deer all his life in Wyoming and had been a Tundra Talk listener since before making the move to Fairbanks. We talk about how things were growing up compared to what it’s like living and hunting in Alaska now, and get to hear about Jett’s first caribou. Enjoy!

Episode 145: My Turkey Has Hypothermia, Officer. With Peyton Merideth

In this episode, I’m joined by retired Fairbanks police officer and detective, Peyton Merideth. Although he’s recently moved, Peyton spent most of his life here in Fairbanks, and is a passionate outdoorsman. We talk about his book My Turkey Has Hypothermia, Officer, some of the major crimes and experiences he dealt with, and wrap it up with plenty of hunting talk. Enjoy!

If you want a copy of his book, you can pick it up at Mark Knapp’s shop or Barnes and Noble in Fairbanks, or by getting in touch with Peyton through Facebook.