Episode 106: The Mediocre Alaskan

In this episode I’m joined by my friend Harrison Gottschling and Jeff Lund, Ketchikan resident, teacher, writer, and host of The Mediocre Alaskan Podcast, which has been around longer than Tundra Talk, and was one of the first Alaska podcasts I found. We chat about Jeff’s trip to get a taste of late winter in Fairbanks and do some caribou hunting. We talk about some of the differences between here and Southeast AK, learning curves, and experiencing new things. Enjoy!

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Episode 29: Forty Mile

In this episode I’m joined by my brother-in-law Nate Minnema and we discuss the infamous 40 Mile caribou hunt. I say infamous, because often, the season is opened for only a day or two (with the goal of not over-killing the management quota), which typically results in a horrendous circus of hunters, jockeying for a chance to get their caribou and put meat in the freezer. The vast majority of folks are out there with the same goal in mind, and don’t like the situation, but there are still some issues. Nate and I talk about our recent participation in this “hunt,” and just how mind blowing it really is both as a safety and ethical issue.


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