Episode 11: Island Air Kodiak

In this episode, I had the chance to sit down with Eric Howard and Taj Shoemaker at the Island Air Service hanger in Kodiak. Island air is one of a handful of air charter operators on Kodiak Island, and if you are going hunting there, there’s a good chance that you’ll be hiring them to fly you out. Having flown with them and some of the other carriers over the years, I can say that they are a top-notch outfit.

Eric and Taj are two very experienced pilots, with a ton of knowledge of Kodiak. We sit down and talk about some of the dynamics and challenges of flying in Kodiak, as well as good things to know if you are planning on making the trip yourself.

You can follow their goings-on on Instagram (@islandair_adq) and Facebook (Island Air Kodiak). If you want to book a trip, just give them a call!


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Episode 9: CDS Dials, Trekking Poles, and Crocs

In this Episode I’m joined by Frank Schultz again, and we discuss A few pieces of gear we have learned to be very valuable on the mountain. We talk about what a CDS dial is, how it works, and how it is a valuable tool for increasing your comfortable range in the field. We also dive a bit into some of the debate on how far is too far, and the importance of practice, knowing your rifle, and being able to evaluate conditions before deciding to take a long shot.

We also get into some of the very valuable items like trekking poles, puffy pants and jackets, and crocs.


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Episode 7: Guiding to Live the Dream

In this episode, my guest is Mark Rowenhorst. Mark hasn’t lived here as long as many, but had the dream of moving to Alaska, and has used guiding to both facilitate that dream, and accelerate his learning curve. Because of that, he has experience beyond his years here.

We talk about how he came up here and what it was like starting out as a packer and moving on to being a licensed assistant guide, and how that is a very realistic option for folks who have always dreamed of living and hunting in Alaska. We also discuss some of the logistics of hunting Alaska, and touch on some of the things people forget to plan for. You’ll get to hear about some of Mark’s very first guiding experiences, and his first personal sheep and caribou hunt.

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Episode 5: The “Houdini” Ram, High-Speed-Come-Aparts, and “Roughing It”

In this episode, I link up with my good buddy Steve Hallenbeck. Steve is one of the most experienced sheep hunters I know, and have had the good fortune to hunt with, as well as a builder of some awesome custom mountain rifles.

We look back at “Houdini,” probably the most memorable ram in all our years of hunting together, and he was truly the big one that got away…several times. We had several opportunities to kill him, but he always managed to give us the slip.

We also talk about a couple of the times one of us has completely come apart from the frustrations of a given hunt, and also how important it is to be prepared to spend an uncomfortable night away from camp in bad weather.

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Episode 4: Muzzleloader Moose, Wolverines, and Archery Dall Sheep

Hey everyone, in this episode, I’m talking with Matt Herkstroeter, another buddy and long-time Fairbanks resident. This is a long one, but it really just barely scratches the surface of Matt’s experiences here in Alaska. We talk about dreams that have come true, what might have been, and being “sheep crazy.”

Matt is another one of those humble guys that has the experiences that most don’t acquire in their lifetime. Re-visiting just one of those experiences in it’s entirety is daunting, but we got through some amazing stories, and left plenty to be told. He talks about some of his early experiences hunting Dall sheep, and caps it with the story of his solo archery Dall ram, in my opinion, one of the pinnacles of possible hunting accomplishments in the world. Put the coffee on, sit back, and enjoy!


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Episode 3: Bear Attacks and the Alaska Permit Draws

In this episode, I sit down with another good friend of mine, Jon Shurtz. Jon, like myself, is a transplant to Alaska, who now has quite a few years and experiences under his belt. Jon tells about bear attacks, dipnetting and exploring on the Copper River, and some sheep and goat hunting. We also give our initial reactions to the Alaska Draw Permit results being released, and the Facebook mayhem that ensues annually. Sit back and Enjoy!

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Episode 2: Guiding Stories

On this episode, I once again sit down with my buddy Frank Schultz, to talk about some of the things we have seen and experienced while guiding hunters in Alaska. If you spend much time guiding hunters, you will see the entire spectrum of types of hunters out there. Some will become lifelong friends, and others will leave you baffled and bewildered. Enjoy.

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