Episode 114: John Whipple

In this episode I get to catch up with John Whipple, of 49mm creative, who was on an early episode of Tundra Talk, following our goat hunt on Kodiak in March of 2018. We talk about what John’s been up to lately (which includes some firearms and bear defense instruction), as well as how hunting in Africa compared to the hunting we are used to here in Alaska.

Episode 113: In the Face; Bears, Bullets, and Exploding Barrels of Gasoline

In this episode, Frank Schultz, Rob Simard, Nick Muche, and I discuss our bear hunting misadventures up to this point in what has been a crazy busy spring. Enjoy!

Here is a link to the Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor phenomenon that we discuss:

Boiling liquid expanding vapor explosion – Wikipedia

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Episode 111: Full Throttle into Spring

In this episode we get to hear about some squirrel shooting from my son Jed, then Matt Herkstroeter and I talk about how fast the transition from winter to spring/summer is here, the million things we’ve been up to, and of course plenty of spring bear hunting talk. Enjoy!

Episode 109: Spring Fever 2021

In this episode I’m joined by the crew, Dr. Frank Schultz, Nick Muche, and Temple Dillard. We’re all antsy and ready for spring and hit on a number of topics including (state-level) fish and game proposals, and just being wound-up and needing to make some new hunting stories.

I plan on following up with more detailed discussion on the current proposal to close caribou and moose hunting for non-locals in unit 23 and 26A, but below are links to the announcement (along with contact and meeting info), as well as to my article on outdoorlife.com discussing the issue (that also contains links to pertinent herd information).

Public hearing announced for Temporary Wildlife Special Action Request WSA21-01 regarding caribou and moose in Units 23 and 26A | U.S. Department of the Interior (doi.gov)

Caribou Hunts Are in Danger on Federal Land in Alaska | Outdoor Life

Episode 108: Freels in Alaska

In this episode, I’m joined by my dad Britt Freel, as well as my uncles Jerry and Tracy. I get to hear a bunch of stories about the old days, how we came to Alaska, and what it was like growing up in what was then a wilderness town of Fairbanks, as well as hunting moose and caribou, and what “the bus” was like as a hunting camp. Enjoy!


Episode 106: The Mediocre Alaskan

In this episode I’m joined by my friend Harrison Gottschling and Jeff Lund, Ketchikan resident, teacher, writer, and host of The Mediocre Alaskan Podcast, which has been around longer than Tundra Talk, and was one of the first Alaska podcasts I found. We chat about Jeff’s trip to get a taste of late winter in Fairbanks and do some caribou hunting. We talk about some of the differences between here and Southeast AK, learning curves, and experiencing new things. Enjoy!

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Episode 104: Draw Day 2021

In this episode I’m joined by Dr. Frank Schultz and Nick Muche, and we discuss the ADF&G draw tag results for this year. Nick and Frank both had their phones off and look at their results for the first time, and we go from there. Enjoy!

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Episode 103: Coke Wallace

In this episode I sit down with Master Guide Coke Wallace, of Midnight Sun Safaris. Coke has been at the game a long time and it was great to hear about Coke’s background and talk about hunting sheep and moose with horses, predator hunting and trapping in the Alaska Range. Enjoy!

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Episode 97: First times, Freezer fillers, and False Narratives, with Jeremy Highfill and Frank Schultz

In this episode I’m joined by Frank Schultz and my buddy and new hunter Jeremy Highfill. We talk about Jeremy’s experiences hunting this year, goat hunting, ice fishing, as well as some discussion of some outdoor companies and personalities’ opposition to possible oil production in area 1002 of ANWR. Enjoy!