Episode 3: Bear Attacks and the Alaska Permit Draws

In this episode, I sit down with another good friend of mine, Jon Shurtz. Jon, like myself, is a transplant to Alaska, who now has quite a few years and experiences under his belt. Jon tells about bear attacks, dipnetting and exploring on the Copper River, and some sheep and goat hunting. We also give our initial reactions to the Alaska Draw Permit results being released, and the Facebook mayhem that ensues annually. Sit back and Enjoy!

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-Tyler Freel



Episode 1: Alaska is a Different Place

Welcome to Tundra Talk! In this pilot episode, I sit down with my good friend Frank Schultz and discuss some of the dynamics of how Alaska is different than any other place, and why we love it. Alaska is a unique melting pot of people who are drawn here, and as far as the United States goes, it truly is The Last Frontier. I have been a contributing writer for Outdoor Life magazine for the past 7 years, and have been living and hunting in Alaska for 16 years. I want this podcast to inform and entertain you with interesting stories, people, and useful information, both for your adventures in Alaska, and stuff that you can apply where you are. Compared to much of my content working with Outdoor Life, this show should give us the chance to go in-depth into various topics, in a way that none of my other platforms can, and I’m very excited to share the experience with you. You’ll have to bear with me as I figure this whole thing out, but I’m looking forward to some great conversation and stories that lie ahead.

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Along with sharing my own experiences, and the experiences of those who live here in Alaska, I also want to provide useful and valuable information, and in future episodes, will be able to address listener questions.


-Tyler Freel