Episode 130: Brooks Range Sheep and The WSA Wormhole

In this episode, I’m joined by Matt Herkstroeter to discuss the push for closures of sheep hunting opportunities in the Brooks Range. Some of these proposals follow suit with the attempted closures of federal land to non-local caribou hunters via the Federal Subsistence board through Wildlife Special Action Requests (WSA’s). We discuss the reality that sheep populations have been hit statewide the past two winters, what might be coming down the pipe, and the importance of staying objective in forming our opinions on the matter. The meeting we expect these proposals to be put forward is happening now, Feb 16 and 17, 2022, and the call-in info is listed in the episode photo here on tundratalkak.com. At the very least if you can call in to stay informed and give feedback if necessary, it will help.

Meeting phone number: 1-866-617-1525, passcode: 54006314

Episode 38: Year of the Sheep with Steve Hallenbeck

Steve Hallenbeck is no stranger to the podcast, but I hadn’t seen much of him since early august, so it was great to catch up and hear about his hunting season. Steve ended up sheep hunting for nearly the entire season, and a mountain goat hunt on top of that. I hope talking sheep hunting isn’t getting old cause we hit a lot of it, as well as gun safety, and some of the hazards we deal with on a daily basis in the mountains. Enjoy!

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