Episode 27: Sheep, Wolves, and Bandsaws

In this episode, I’m joined by Nick Muche and Frank Schultz. The three of us hadn’t really gotten together since before moose season, so it was great catching up. We talked about Nick’s very successful sheep hunt, our unsuccessful moose hunts, and, of course, my inherited Butcher Boy bandsaw. We also chat a bit about arrow tuning, predator control, trapping, and email chain brown bears, including the one below, the infamous Alberta Grizzly…which Frank was present for. Anyway, hope you enjoy, and if you have any questions or comments, email podcast@tundratalkak.com and please leave a review on iTunes or whatever platform you listen on.





Episode 21: Temple Dillard and Frank Schultz

Hey Folks,

Sorry for going dark for a bit, but we are back at it. For this episode I’m joined by Temple Dillard and Frank Schultz. Temple is an awesome guy who has lived in Alaska his entire life, much of it in the bush. I had a great time getting to know Temple a little better and hearing his perspectives and experience hunting and trapping in Alaska. Temple grew up living a true subsistence lifestyle and still feeds his family almost entirely on the meat he brings home. Enjoy!

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The First Sit: Part 1 with Nick Muche

In this episode, Nick Muche and I talk bear baiting and the anticipation as we head out for our first sit of the year on Nick’s bait. It’s been a long year, and finally time to start hunting bears. Enjoy!


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Episode 15: Spring Fever in Alaska

In this episode, I’m joined by two good buddies Jon Shurtz and Nick Muche. Nick just returned from a deployment to Europe and we are all itching to get out to hunt bears this spring. We talk about riverboats, boating mishaps, bears, and stickbows…as well as a few things on the topic of bear defense.

This was a bit more of a catching up session, but hope you enjoy it, things are just getting ready to kick off for the spring, and I’ll do my best to take you right along with us!

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Episode 13: Springtime and Bear Baiting with Matt Herkstroeter

The snow is finally starting to melt here in interior AK, which means that spring bear season will be upon us shortly. In this episode, Matt Herkstroeter and I talk about some of the baiting experiences we have had, as well as some pointers for someone who may be wanting to try it for the first time. Enjoy!


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Episode 11: Island Air Kodiak

In this episode, I had the chance to sit down with Eric Howard and Taj Shoemaker at the Island Air Service hanger in Kodiak. Island air is one of a handful of air charter operators on Kodiak Island, and if you are going hunting there, there’s a good chance that you’ll be hiring them to fly you out. Having flown with them and some of the other carriers over the years, I can say that they are a top-notch outfit.

Eric and Taj are two very experienced pilots, with a ton of knowledge of Kodiak. We sit down and talk about some of the dynamics and challenges of flying in Kodiak, as well as good things to know if you are planning on making the trip yourself.

You can follow their goings-on on Instagram (@islandair_adq) and Facebook (Island Air Kodiak). If you want to book a trip, just give them a call!


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thanks and enjoy!



Episode 4: Muzzleloader Moose, Wolverines, and Archery Dall Sheep

Hey everyone, in this episode, I’m talking with Matt Herkstroeter, another buddy and long-time Fairbanks resident. This is a long one, but it really just barely scratches the surface of Matt’s experiences here in Alaska. We talk about dreams that have come true, what might have been, and being “sheep crazy.”

Matt is another one of those humble guys that has the experiences that most don’t acquire in their lifetime. Re-visiting just one of those experiences in it’s entirety is daunting, but we got through some amazing stories, and left plenty to be told. He talks about some of his early experiences hunting Dall sheep, and caps it with the story of his solo archery Dall ram, in my opinion, one of the pinnacles of possible hunting accomplishments in the world. Put the coffee on, sit back, and enjoy!


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Just know….all three categories are subject to coverage on the podcast 😉



Episode 3: Bear Attacks and the Alaska Permit Draws

In this episode, I sit down with another good friend of mine, Jon Shurtz. Jon, like myself, is a transplant to Alaska, who now has quite a few years and experiences under his belt. Jon tells about bear attacks, dipnetting and exploring on the Copper River, and some sheep and goat hunting. We also give our initial reactions to the Alaska Draw Permit results being released, and the Facebook mayhem that ensues annually. Sit back and Enjoy!

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If you want to check out Jon’s freshly started dipnetting/tour company, go to:


-Tyler Freel



Episode 2: Guiding Stories

On this episode, I once again sit down with my buddy Frank Schultz, to talk about some of the things we have seen and experienced while guiding hunters in Alaska. If you spend much time guiding hunters, you will see the entire spectrum of types of hunters out there. Some will become lifelong friends, and others will leave you baffled and bewildered. Enjoy.

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-Tyler Freel