Episode 110: Caribou Closure with Larry Bartlett

In this episode I’m joined by Larry Bartlett to hear some more detailed information on the looming closure of federal lands in units 23 and 26A for non-local caribou hunters. This is a heated issue, but an important one, and the effort to keep non-local hunters out doesn’t seem to be supported by evidence. We fully believe in the need for rural residents to have first priority at times when caribou numbers are down, but they aren’t. This was pressed for time and Larry has some amazing stories and experiences, but it was important to squeeze this in while we still have time. If you can call in to give feedback at the meeting, it is from 3pm-7pm (or until the end of public input) (AK time zone), please do.

Public Hearing Information:

Friday, April 23, 2021 from 3:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. (or until the end of public participation)
Teleconference: Toll Free: (877) 918-3011
Passcode: 8147177

Episode 106: The Mediocre Alaskan

In this episode I’m joined by my friend Harrison Gottschling and Jeff Lund, Ketchikan resident, teacher, writer, and host of The Mediocre Alaskan Podcast, which has been around longer than Tundra Talk, and was one of the first Alaska podcasts I found. We chat about Jeff’s trip to get a taste of late winter in Fairbanks and do some caribou hunting. We talk about some of the differences between here and Southeast AK, learning curves, and experiencing new things. Enjoy!

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Episode 105: The Clinic. With Dr. Schultz, Seth Wietgrefe, Temple Dillard, and Connor Owen

In this episode, we recorded in Frank’s newly finished man cave and talk about everything from hunting with our kids, to mountain boot insoles, taking time to glass, and how we generally do NOT dress to impress in Alaska. Enjoy!

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Episode 91: Fall of the Caribou, with Nick Muche, Connor Owen, and Frank Schultz

In this episode, I’m joined by Nick Muche, Connor Owen, and Frank Schultz. We get to hear about Nick and Connor’s sheep, moose, and caribou hunts this fall. It’s been jam-packed, and we’ve put some serious meat in the freezers, so we hope you enjoy this!

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Episode 85: Sheep Stories 2020 with Carl Nelson

In this episode I’m joined by Frank Schultz and first-time guest Carl Nelson. Carl drew the Delta sheep tag this year and we get to hear all about his sheep and caribou hunt, as well as about the sheep and caribou hunts Frank and I went on.

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Episode 69: Adam Grenda

In this episode, I get Adam Grenda on the line finally. Adam moved up to King Salmon, AK to fulfill his dream of living in Alaska. He works as a bush pilot and does plenty of flying and exploring on his own. We talk about flying, some of it’s hazards, as well as a few stories from Adam. We had a couple technical difficulties, but it was great to catch up with him, and I look forward to our next one! Enjoy!

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Episode 29: Forty Mile

In this episode I’m joined by my brother-in-law Nate Minnema and we discuss the infamous 40 Mile caribou hunt. I say infamous, because often, the season is opened for only a day or two (with the goal of not over-killing the management quota), which typically results in a horrendous circus of hunters, jockeying for a chance to get their caribou and put meat in the freezer. The vast majority of folks are out there with the same goal in mind, and don’t like the situation, but there are still some issues. Nate and I talk about our recent participation in this “hunt,” and just how mind blowing it really is both as a safety and ethical issue.


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