Episode 71: Talking Points, with Donald Lee

In this episode, I’m joined by Donald Lee, who is a very experienced hunter and trapper here in Alaska. We hit a wide variety of topics including moose calling, sheep hunting gear items, hunting with your dog, and our speculations as to whether or not hunting pressure reduces conflict with grizzly bears. Enjoy!

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Episode 70: Wear the Right Ruff, Trapping, Fur, and Other Late Season Happenings

In this episode, Temple Dillard, Frank Schultz, Nick Muche, and I catch up on everything from Temple’s sheep hunt to current trapline stuff, gang-setting wolves, fur sewing and more. Enjoy!

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Episode 55: The Blonde Bear with Nick Muche

In this episode, Nick and I catch up on his spring bear hunting, including the story of the blonde black bear it’s taken him 2 seasons to kill. Enjoy!

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Episode 54: Spring Bears, Bows, and BS with Matt Herkstroeter

In this episode, Matt Herkstroeter and I talk about our spring bear seasons so far, some of our traditional bow triumphs and struggles, muzzleloaders, and other generally interesting stuff..enjoy!

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Episode 36: Sheep Season, Moose Strategy, and Ill-Advised commentary

In this episode, I get to catch up with Brett Evens. It’s been a long time since Brett has been on the podcast, so it was great to hear about his hunting seasons, talk some sheep and moose hunting, as well as get into some festivus grievances about the social media influencer/content creator world Enjoy, and if you have any comments or questions, email podcast@tundratalkak.com