Episode 83: Pete Buist

In this episode I’m very fortunate to sit down with retired Master Guide and wildland firefighter Pete Buist. Pete has been guiding, hunting, and trapping all over Alaska for decades, and it was very cool to get a taste of just some of his stories. I can’t wait to have Pete back on again, but for now, enjoy!


Episode 70: Wear the Right Ruff, Trapping, Fur, and Other Late Season Happenings

In this episode, Temple Dillard, Frank Schultz, Nick Muche, and I catch up on everything from Temple’s sheep hunt to current trapline stuff, gang-setting wolves, fur sewing and more. Enjoy!

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Episode 55: The Blonde Bear with Nick Muche

In this episode, Nick and I catch up on his spring bear hunting, including the story of the blonde black bear it’s taken him 2 seasons to kill. Enjoy!

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