Episode 109: Spring Fever 2021

In this episode I’m joined by the crew, Dr. Frank Schultz, Nick Muche, and Temple Dillard. We’re all antsy and ready for spring and hit on a number of topics including (state-level) fish and game proposals, and just being wound-up and needing to make some new hunting stories.

I plan on following up with more detailed discussion on the current proposal to close caribou and moose hunting for non-locals in unit 23 and 26A, but below are links to the announcement (along with contact and meeting info), as well as to my article on outdoorlife.com discussing the issue (that also contains links to pertinent herd information).

Public hearing announced for Temporary Wildlife Special Action Request WSA21-01 regarding caribou and moose in Units 23 and 26A | U.S. Department of the Interior (doi.gov)

Caribou Hunts Are in Danger on Federal Land in Alaska | Outdoor Life

Episode 26: Moose Hunt with Adam Weatherby

This episode is a recap and conversation with Adam Weatherby and Kevin Wilkerson, following our week-long moose hunt here in interior Alaska. We had plenty of challenges to deal with, but it was a great time exploring and hunting new country. Adam and Kevin are both great dudes, it was a pleasure being miserable together, and I look forward to sharing many more campfires with them. Enjoy.

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