Episode 111: Full Throttle into Spring

In this episode we get to hear about some squirrel shooting from my son Jed, then Matt Herkstroeter and I talk about how fast the transition from winter to spring/summer is here, the million things we’ve been up to, and of course plenty of spring bear hunting talk. Enjoy!

Episode 105: The Clinic. With Dr. Schultz, Seth Wietgrefe, Temple Dillard, and Connor Owen

In this episode, we recorded in Frank’s newly finished man cave and talk about everything from hunting with our kids, to mountain boot insoles, taking time to glass, and how we generally do NOT dress to impress in Alaska. Enjoy!

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Episode 26: Moose Hunt with Adam Weatherby

This episode is a recap and conversation with Adam Weatherby and Kevin Wilkerson, following our week-long moose hunt here in interior Alaska. We had plenty of challenges to deal with, but it was a great time exploring and hunting new country. Adam and Kevin are both great dudes, it was a pleasure being miserable together, and I look forward to sharing many more campfires with them. Enjoy.

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Episode 13: Springtime and Bear Baiting with Matt Herkstroeter

The snow is finally starting to melt here in interior AK, which means that spring bear season will be upon us shortly. In this episode, Matt Herkstroeter and I talk about some of the baiting experiences we have had, as well as some pointers for someone who may be wanting to try it for the first time. Enjoy!


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