Episode 79: Paul Forward

In this Episode I’m joined by Paul Forward, an avid traditional bowhunter and backcountry skier and kayaker. We barely got to scratch the surface, but got to talk about bowhunting for goats, sheep, and hear a couple awesome stories from Paul. Can’t wait to chat with him again. Enjoy!

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Episode 58: Jonah Stewart

In this episode, Nick Muche and I sit down with Jonah Stewart of Jonahs Alaskan Outfitters. We get to hear about what got Jonah to where he is today, and being a bowhunting machine, we get to hear some critical tips for bowhunting sheep. Enjoy!

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Episode 35: Bowhunting Archery Mechanics with Tom Clum and Andy Kohlhofer

This is a very special episode, where I had the unbelievable opportunity to sit down with two living legends of the traditional bowhunting world, Tom Clum and Andy Kohlhofer. Tom and his family own Rocky Mountain Specialty gear, one of the foremost traditional bow shops in the country, and Andy is the main man behind Selway Archery.  In short, I came to Colorado to get some coaching from Tom. I knew he would be able to help with my shot, but I was blown away. Even at my best, I had been unable to push past several barriers for years, and in one day, he tore them down. In this episode, we hit a lot of stuff, and dive deep into the shot, but also give advice that can help anybody, whether a brand new shooter, or someone stuck in a rut. If you are just a rifle hunter, a lot of this stuff may go over your head, but actually, a lot of the mental control principles in an archery shot are directly applicable to just about any type of shooting. I hope you enjoy this, and if you have any questions, please email podcast@tundratalkak.com 

If you want to check out Tom’s groundbreaking course and start improving your shot NOW, visit http://www.shootsolid.com 

Episode 20: Bear Re-Cap with Frank Schultz and Nick Muche

In this episode, Frank Schultz, Nick Muche, and I catch up on the past couple weekends of bear hunting. We talk about Nick’s epic weekend with his wife where they were able to take 2 grizzlies with their bows, and this past weekend’s epic black bear trip. Frank talks about his struggles as a budding traditional bow hunter. We had a great time, and hope you all enjoy hearing about it!

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Episode 17: First Sit Part 2

In this episode, Nick Muche and I recap our first weekend of bear hunting this spring. It was a weekend with the highest highs, and lowest lows, but that’s how it goes sometimes. We hunted Friday night at Nick’s bait, then hunted one of my baits on Saturday. Enjoy!


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The First Sit: Part 1 with Nick Muche

In this episode, Nick Muche and I talk bear baiting and the anticipation as we head out for our first sit of the year on Nick’s bait. It’s been a long year, and finally time to start hunting bears. Enjoy!


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Episode 14: Stickbows and Dall Sheep with Troy Graziadei

In this episode, we get to hear from one of the few guys I know who has killed multiple rams with his recurve. Troy is a great guy, and he had to learn sheep hunting the hard way, basically diving right into hunting them with a trad bow. We talk about what got him into shooting traditional bows, some of his guiding stories, and what he has learned to take the rams he has. Sit back and enjoy!


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