Episode 163: Decades of Adventure, with Jerry and Thomas Lees

In this episode, I’m joined by Frank Schultz, as well as Jerry and Thomas Lees. We talk lots of sheep hunting, moose hunting goat hunting, and just a few of Jerry and Thomas’s stories from many years of hunting Alaska.

Check out Thomas’s YouTube channel Backcountry Alaska for some of their awesome videos!

Episode 107: Connor, Christina, and Adam Owen

In this episode, I sit down with Connor, Christina, and Adam Owen to hear their stories from both of the hunts that Christina drew tags for last year, and her transition from southern California to full-blown Alaskan brown bear killer. Enjoy!

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Episode 100: The Flaming Bravo

We finally made it to 100 episodes, and this time I’m joined by Dr. Frank Schultz, Nick Muche, Temple Dillard, and Connor Owen. We get caught up on everything going on lately, from ice fishing, to coues deer hunting, to snowmachines catching on fire. Enjoy!


Episode 98: Bleats, Buck Packs and Busted Bodies, with Brett Evens and JT Morgan

In this episode I get to catch up with Brett Evens and JT Morgan and hear about their week-turned-month long Southeast AK deer hunt turned Covid quarantine, and of course we tell a couple sheep stories as well. Enjoy!

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Episode 83: Pete Buist

In this episode I’m very fortunate to sit down with retired Master Guide and wildland firefighter Pete Buist. Pete has been guiding, hunting, and trapping all over Alaska for decades, and it was very cool to get a taste of just some of his stories. I can’t wait to have Pete back on again, but for now, enjoy!