Episode 6: Trapping from a Greenhorn’s Perspective

In this episode, Frank Schultz and I talk trapping. Frank is brand new to trapping this year, and it was great to hear his perspective on it. He is a very accomplished hunter, but trapping has opened up a whole new world for him, and he’s done pretty well for himself so far.

We talk a bit about some of the general perception and realities of trapping, albeit, not very eloquently, as well as what Frank has learned through this experience, and how any outdoorsperson can increase their knowledge of the world around them by getting involved in responsible trapping.

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thanks, and hope you enjoy!


One thought on “Episode 6: Trapping from a Greenhorn’s Perspective

  1. Great podcast. Trapping is a lost art that a lot of people may ponder; but few seriously take the plunge and dive into the challenge. It was great to hear both of your views and stories.

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