Episode 148: Snow Caves and Ski-Doos with Jr Pederson

In this episode I’m joined by Frank Schultz, Temple Dillard, and Jr Pederson. It’s been awhile since Jr has been on the podcast, and we get to hear some stories about bear hunting, moose shooting, getting buried alive in a blizzard, and the story behind running Polaris skis on your Ski-Doo. Enjoy!

One thought on “Episode 148: Snow Caves and Ski-Doos with Jr Pederson

  1. 5 stars! If you are an avid outdoorsperson, this is an incredibly unique podcast. Having been there twice, Alaska is WILD country and so are the tales from this podcast. After listening for a few years now, I perceive the cast of “regulars” to be the kind of folk who you make you feel like you’ve known them your whole life, and someday I would enjoy sharing a beer and some hunting and fishing stories with them. This last podcast though, was the wildest, and maybe most fun one I have listened to yet — moose rodeos, unhappy wolverines on a pole, snow survival and trying to avoid being a grizzly pinata! Holy cow, what a fun listen!

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