Episode 59: Sheep Season, with the Delta Boys

In this episode I’m joined by 5% of the 2019 DS203 tag holders, Frank Schultz, Jon Shurtz, Nick Muche, and Temple Dillard. Of course, we discuss the coming sheep hunt, what we’ve been up to this summer, and make sure Temple is squared away for his first sheep hunt. Good luck to everyone out there this season, and enjoy!

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One thought on “Episode 59: Sheep Season, with the Delta Boys

  1. I am an avid listener to the show and think it’s great. I made my first trip to Alaska hunting Kodiak goats this past October and am hooked. Wife is a coast guard brat so my in laws and family are in Anchorage and they are avid hunters. I just wanted to tell you how much knowledge I gained on gear, weather and rules of Alaska hunting from your show . I spend a lot of time in a police car in New York listening to the episodes. Keep cranking them out.

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