Episode 61: Good Rams and Bad Rain Gear

In this episode, I’m going solo, so bear with me. I recap the sheep hunt I just had and how much fun it was chasing rams around with the bow before I got blown off the mountain. I also talk specifically about my catastrophic rain gear failure, followed by some talk about expensive breathable rain gear, and my opinions, experiences, and frustrations with this experience. This isn’t meant to knock any particular company, person, etc…just to point out that everything I feared about using that style of rain gear was proven true to me, and it could have turned out much worse.

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thanks, Tyler

One thought on “Episode 61: Good Rams and Bad Rain Gear

  1. Very good information and something that I learned through trial and error and simple deduction. Impertech is what you want if you really need to stay dry. Gore-Tex is bullshit plain and simple in regards to rain protection. Lets face it when they tell you that you need to wash it with some special reinforcing soap to help it retain or regain it’s waterproof capabilities you know that something is wrong. The great thing about HH and Grundens is that you can buy 6 sets of pants/bibs and jackets for the price of 1 set of that fashionable stuff.

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